What Is It?

Hive Hero Analytics is software that enables you to collect any interaction that happens on a website that you own. Context data from those interactions, collected in tandem, enables you to analyze and answer questions about your customers to improve your products and offerings.


Business Intelligence

Combine your web analytics data with your traditional CRM or MDM data sets with little to no ETL. Create reports using your favorite BI and dashboard tools like Tableau, Power BI, DOMO, Looker, or Chartio.

Data Science

Enable Data Science modeling and insights with data that they can readily access and query from a database. Get feedback after deploying models to improve, iterate on your customer’s experiences.

Full SQL Support

Access, analyze, and manipulate your data with a full set of SQL functions and keywords. This gives you the flexibility to really understand how your reports are created and to also have the confidence in how your data is derived.

Standardized Metrics

View, Events, Impressions, Pages, Sessions, and Visitors are standard measures used throughout the industry. These things are all supported out of the box with Hive Hero Analytics. Things like session times can also be configured to match other analytics systems or your own requirements.

Cumulative Profiling

Visitor, Session, and Page level data can be cumulatively compiled in real-time. This enables detailed profiles at every level of a user’s interaction history. Raw cumulative data is also collected to ensure you can unpack how a profile is created.

Server Side Transforms

Using client side code modifiers, data can be transformed in real-time once received. This ability ensures that all data is processed in the same way without interference. Things such as dates and times therefore have greater integrity as they were generated on your servers.


Own Your Data

Whether you want it in the cloud with Amazon, Google, or anyone else, or secured in your own data center we let you Own Your Data. Want to collect PCI DSS, PII or banking web analytics behavioral data, host it in your own PCI DSS, DoD, or C5 compliant environment.


All data, including cumulative data such as Visitor, Session and Page data, is processed and stored in real-time enabling you to understand what is happening now. There is no need to wait a day to for a complex funnel report on events that just happend.

Unlimited Context

Most analytics systems only allow roughly 200 context variables globally, that may seem a lot but you quickly run out when different marketing, sales, and engineering groups care about different things at different places. With Hive Hero Analytics there is no limit to the context you can capture.

Custom IDs

Identifiers are incredibly important when identifying users, and integrating different systems and data together. Need to capture a DoubleClick, Facebook, Email Campaign or Payment ID, we’ve got you covered.

Engagement Time

How long did users on average spend looking at a page or your site? You can measure time on page accurately. Whether you want to measure engagement in 5, 10, 30 second, or any arbitrary intervals we allow you to adjust how accurate and how important it is to measure engagement.

Easy Setup

It is and should always be easy to setup Hive Hero Analytics. That’s why we have packaged it into a singular binary executable file. No need to install and configure 3rd party frameworks, libraries or run-times. All you need is a PostgreSQL database and a server connected to the internet to start collecting web analytics behavioural data.

Data As The UI

We believe the best way to analyse your data is to directly interface with it. We don’t abstract, sample, or shield you from the raw data. Ambiguity is dangerous when answers, derived from your data, are used to make important decisions. As such we believe it is really important for you to get to know the data and how questions are answered.